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  Vriska, in text, talks much like this with many 8s!!!!!!!! If this font is hard on the eyes or you would prefer voice/video over text or to just drop the blue for text, then please let me know here and I'll keep it in mind for future tagging! If you also don't want me to tag you here is also a good place to hit me up!


Do I have any tags with you that I've forgotten about and you'd like to pick back up? Please post them here and I'll get on those busters faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

On that note, do you have any tags/threads/posts you'd like me to pick at? Drop those off here and I'll d my best to get on those as well!

Thank you! :')
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Student ID#; #83427
Dorm room; TBA
Specialization; Magic Operative, Para-Magic, Level #3


Things to note:

 - Vriska is not 13 years (6 sweeps) old anymore. She's been in the Gardens for 2+ years now, so she is little over 7 sweeps/15 years old.
- Vriska is a SeeD (a graduated Cadet).
- She has short hair now.
- Because of her overusing GF (Guardian Forces) she has problems with her memory. Most of it is short-term which leads her to writing down a lot of things, more than usual anyways. The biggest thing she has forgotten is who Jack Noir is and what she was going to do before she arrived in the Gardens (that being she was going off to fight him before Terezi killed her).

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player information
Name: Lassie
DW: [personal profile] lachrymosity
Contact: aim; snapplingly | email; justincriedariver@gmail.com

No, but really if you have anything you'd like to talk to me about, please drop me a line here!


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